Welcome to Nema

Ever since the first computer came to the Faroe Islands, we have been the no. 1 provider of office equipment, inventory, computers, computer systems and software solutions. Everything a business needs to prosper.

NEMA has tree subdivisions, covering a wide area of expertise.

NEMA Information Technology
We provide business customers with IT services – ranging from computers and multifunction-printers to IT-consultancy and ERP solutions.

NEMA Office Supply
We provide everything needed for an office, with focus on quality, competitiveness and service.

NEMA Furniture
We provide furniture for offices, conference rooms, receptions and restaurants. We also provide special furniture for kindergartens, schools, care homes, hospitals and other institutions with special needs.

You can find us in the capital Tórshavn and in Klaksvík, the largest city in the northern area.

Tórshavn, Smyrilsvegur 5:


Klaksvík, Stangavegur 53:

Software Development department

Hoyvík, Brekkutún 4:


Travelling in the Faroe Islands?

Need to stay connected? Hey has the right solutions for you while travelling in the Faroe Islands. We’ve built extensive 4G and 3G networks throughout the Faroe Islands you can easily use, either for 3G and 4G roaming or by using our local, convenient starter kits.

We all need to stay connected on our travels. Hey in the Faroe Islands has the right solutions for you while travelling over here. We’ve got everything from prepaid phone cards to prepaid wireless Internet solutions for tablets or laptops, and topping-up is easy.

We also offer 4G roaming in the Faroe Islands for selected carriers throughout the world and will be adding more carriers regularly – check your local carrier to see whether 4G roaming in the Faroe Islands is available for you!

Top up your Prepaid mobile or 3G/4G internet account

It’s easy to top-up your prepaid phone, your data credit or 3G/4G internet account online.

Prepaid phone number

With a Faroese prepaid mobile card you can make local calls at the very best rates. Check out our Starter packs, available in numerous locations throughout the country.

Get your prepaid SIM in the Faroe Islands – Hey SIM cards for mobile/cell phones

Hey offers prepaid SIM cards that are suitable for those travelling in the Faroe Islands, or planning on staying in the Faroe Islands for a short period of time. With a prepaid SIM card you can top-up anytime and stay connected during your trip, which is perfect for those who travel with their own mobile/cell phone or smartphone. This way you are able to make local calls or get online with your phone without having to pay roaming charges.

Prepaid starter kit

With your initial SIM card purchase you will be given DKK 229,- credit and 5 GB. You will also be given a local Faroese phone number, international roaming capabilities, be able to receive incoming calls for free, and also use your existing phone (if unlocked).

The Prepaid starter kit is widely available around the Faroe Islands.

DKK 250,- initial credit (approx. EUR €34) plus 5 GB of Data
Pay the local rate for all domestic calls
Local Faroese cell phone number
Free incoming calls
Voicemail and SMS
Easy online top up
International roaming capability
No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check
Use your existing phone (if unlocked) or get a mobile phone at the next Hey store

Prepaid prices
Starting fee for phone call DKK 1,60
Local calls per minute DKK 1,60/min.
Text messages DKK 0,50/SMS
Data DKK 0,15/MB

Get online with Hey

If you plan to do some serious surfing in the Faroe Islands, make sure you check out our 4G and 3G mobile internet options for wireless data transfer.

Where to buy?

For general information on locations of Hey, resellers and more, read on!

Stay connected with Hey

Whether you’re looking for a prepaid SIM card for your handset, a 3G or 4G Internet connection or 4G roaming, Hey can assist you with all your connection needs.

International calls from the Faroe Islands

Making international calls from the Faroe Islands with Hey is easy. Our prepaid SIM cards allow you to make calls back home anytime, anywhere, at a low-cost calling rate.

Coverage and Roaming

Hey offers extensive 4G coverage in the capital area and in other major populated areas in the country. The rest of the Faroe Islands is within 3G or GPRS/EDGE coverage, so you can still connect whilst travelling around the country.

Hey offers roaming services to phone carriers from all over the world – and even 4G roaming in co-operation with selected carriers. Check your local carrier to see what kind of roaming services they offer with Vodafone in the Faroe Islands.

Hey Locations and Resellers

The Hey Prepaid Starter Kit is offered at petrol stations and grocery stores around the country. You can also get it from the Hey stores in SMS (shopping mall in Tórshavn) or in Saltangará. Stop by and we’ll help you find the ideal mobile solution for you while travelling in the Faroe Islands!

For further information, feel free to call Hey anytime at +298 202020. Alternatively, send an email to

Top up your Prepaid mobile or 3G/4G internet account

It’s easy to top-up your prepaid phone, your data credit or 3G/4G internet account online. You can also top-up by purchasing top-up scratch-cards widely available throughout the country or by calling our calling center at 202020 (no charge for our customers).

Vodafone Stores
SMS, Tórshavn

100 Tórshavn
Phone: (+298) 20 20 22

Opening times
Mon – Thur: 10.00-18.00
Fri: 10.00-19.00
Sat: 10.00-18.00


600 Saltangará
Phone: (+298) 20 20 24

Opening times
Mon – Fri: 10.00-17.30
Sat: 10.00-14.00

Mobile settings

Usually, settings are installed automatically. But if you need them, here are the manual settings.

Settings for your devices

If your device does not automatically get the settings from us you can use the screenshots below to see how to properly set up your settings.

Our system automatically sends the proper settings to the devices that support the feature. When you’ve made your first phonecall using the device (on our network) we will send you the settings. This applies only to devices using a Hey SIM (does not apply to users roaming into our network).

Here is an overview of the settings that work on the Hey’s network.


Once the new settings have been entered, it is important to restart the device and make the new settings active. Remove the battery to make sure the device is fully rebooted, if the battery can not be removed have the device turned off for at least one minute. Make sure to activate the new settings.

Prepaid 3G/4G Internet network – Access the Internet in the Faroe Islands with Hey

Accessing the Internet in the Faroe Islands is simple; Hey offers various prepaid 3G/4G Internet network solutions to choose from, allowing you to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and loved ones at any time.
Prepaid 3G/4G Internet

If you are travelling in the Faroe Islands with an iPad or a laptop, you can use our 3G/4G Mobile Internet. Basically, it works in the same way as with our Prepaid phone number. Purchase a Prepaid starter kit and insert the SIM-card into your tablet or a dongle for your laptop.

Visit one of our stores in Tórshavn or Saltangará to get your Prepaid 3G/4G Internet, or call us on +298 202020 to learn more.
Starter kit with a USB-stick

If you are travelling with your laptop and need a 3G/4G Mobile Broadband solution to stay connected in the Faroe Islands, Hey offers the Mobile Broadband USB-stick. The stick is available in Hey stores along with a Prepaid starter kit, which gives you easy access to the Internet via Hey’s high-speed 3G and 4G network.

The Mobile Broadband USB-stick is available from Hey stores for only DKK 895,-. Read more about the Prepaid starter kit here.
Get online with your 3G/4G phone

To access 3G or 4G Internet in the Faroe Islands via smartphone tethering, Hey’s prepaid starter kit gives you 5 GB of data, and if you need more you can always top up.

When you top up DKK 229,- you get 5 GB, unlimited texts in the Faroe Islands and DKK 250,- worth of credit.

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